Is this a bike tour?

Radler Tours is much more than a bike tour! Along with taking you to unique Christchurch sights, we'll also be visiting the city's coolest bars and tasting some of its best beers. You'll have the opportunity to connect with locals and tourists.


Is this a beer tour?

It's true you'll be visiting some of Christchurch's best bars and sampling some great beers, but that isn't all you'll experience on Radler Tours. Get ready to see the city on two wheels, including notable landmarks, street art and so much more!


Is this tour mostly for tourists?

This tour is for both tourists and Christchurch locals. Radler Tours offers an insider experience unlike any other tour in the city. We'll introduce you spots that are off the beaten track (but easily accessible by bike) and consequently, you'll meet some pretty amazing people.


Do I need my own bike?

Absolutely not. We'll provide you with a bike and helmet.


What bars will we be visiting?

We don't want to spoil the surprise, but we promise you're in for a good time!